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Toronto, Canada April 20, 2018

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DG Volo & Company Adds Full-Time Analyst, Delivering Deeper Market Insight to Clients

TORONTO, CANADA — April 20, 2018 — Christopher de Sousa has joined DG Volo & Company (DGV) in the role of Analyst, bringing enhanced research capabilities to the firm’s clients. Christopher will assist in identifying market opportunities, conducting in-depth primary and secondary research and building economic scenario models to help inform client strategy.

“I’ve been really impressed by Christopher’s ability to triangulate data from multiple sources, generating insights that are not immediately obvious to the untrained eye,” says David Woloviec, DGV Founder and Chief Growth Architect. “He’s going to be of great value to our team and our clients.”

Christopher has a background in mining engineering, where he cultivated expertise in stakeholder research, data interpretation, cash flow analysis and economic modeling.

“Engineering is about thinking logically and making sure you have enough data to validate a hypothesis or opinion,” Christopher explains. “Joining DGV gives me the opportunity to apply these skills to support clients across the spectrum, from healthcare to heavy industry. I’ve always been fascinated with how businesses work – plus I’m instinctually curious about things, so I’m driven to find what it is that we don’t know.”

Earlier in his career, Christopher was operations manager for Golden Words, a publication of the Engineering Society of Queen's University and the longest running political satire newspaper in Canada. He was also a crew foreman for a residential hardscape and landscape firm.

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