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Toronto, Canada July 30, 2018

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DG Volo & Company Adds Two Associates to Toronto Team

TORONTO, CANADA – July 30, 2018 – Continuing its steady growth trajectory, DG Volo & Company (DGV) welcomes Luiz Branco and Matthew Gaetz to its Toronto office as new associates. Luiz and Matt bring enhanced analytic capacity and skill diversity to the DGV team and will be working directly with the Canadian portfolio companies of the firm’s Canadian and U.S.-based private equity clients.

“I first met Luiz and Matt when they were MBA candidates at the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto,” says David Woloviec, DGV Founder & Chief Growth Architect. “They took very different paths to get to this point in their careers and have had very different experiences. That’s exactly why I wanted them to join DGV. Their unique perspectives and combined strengths will help us to find opportunities in our clients’ most complex business situations.”

About Luiz Branco

Luiz Branco, a native of Brazil, spent the last several years in corporate finance and banking in Rio De Janeiro, most recently at one of the world’s largest metal and mining firms. There, he managed treasury and headed up the global back office derivative teams, handling thousands of transactions across a $12B portfolio. He also performed valuation analysis including embedded derivatives. Earlier in his career, Luiz was a senior consultant for a telecommunications provider where, in addition to managing asset and cash operations for the company’s trading desk, he also redesigned and implemented an asset management process that improved operational efficiency by 60%.

At DGV, Luiz will draw on his financial knowledge to assist client teams with strategic pricing, data analysis, market analysis and identifying new growth opportunities. “Luiz is great at finding answers to the big questions around competitive landscape, market sizing and trends analysis — he’s spectacular at triangulating data to get to meaningful insight,” David notes. “He really takes the time to understand the technical nature of our clients’ businesses.”

About Matthew Gaetz

Matthew Gaetz, who grew up in Ottawa, Ontario, began his career as a scientist. Matt’s research proved instrumental in identifying a gene that opened new avenues in the pursuit of treatments for developmental and neurodegenerative diseases. He then moved to a biological and environmental risk assessment consulting firm, where he developed food-hazard risk models for a government agency.

Recognizing there was an opportunity to apply his research skills to solve business problems, Matt left the laboratory world to earn an MBA at the Rotman School of Management. Over time, he’s gained experience in multiple strategic disciplines such as identifying private equity buyers, conducting competitive analysis, developing business plans and crafting investor presentations to secure financing.

In his new role, Matt will assist in gathering and analyzing market insights, to understand how value is created and help clients identify where their best growth opportunities lie. “Matt knows how to speak the language necessary to bring the portfolio company and the private equity sponsor into alignment,” says David. “He’s a technical guy who can articulate a concept in a clear and relatable manner. And he’s good at building rapport with clients.”

About DG Volo & Company

DG Volo & Company delivers transformative growth strategies to private equity-owned portfolio companies seeking breakthrough performance. Specializing in business-to-business products and services companies, we draw on our 20 years’ experience building profitable growth strategies for businesses of all shapes and sizes – whether large public corporations, small private enterprises or in between. From commercial due diligence to strategic exit planning, we work across the investment lifecycle to help portfolio companies reach their full potential. To learn more about DG Volo & Company, please visit dgvolo.com.

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