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Toronto, Canada September 05, 2017

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DG Volo & Company Launches New Private Equity Portfolio Company Advisory Practice

TORONTO, CANADA – September 5, 2017 – DG Volo & Company (“DGV”) today announced the launch of its new business advisory services practice, providing targeted commercial support to private equity-owned portfolio companies seeking breakthrough performance.

“We are very excited to be formally launching DG Volo & Company Value Creation Associates,” said David Woloviec, Founder & Chief Growth Architect of DG Volo & Company. “Private equity-owned portfolio companies represent an underserved segment of the business advisory market, especially those companies seeking transformative growth. Incumbent consulting firms are either too expensive, too broadly focused, or too slow to respond to the needs of private equity portfolio companies. By providing targeted commercial strategies and tactics, delivered in rapid engagements that emphasize skills transfer, DGV delivers solutions that generate positive, measurable results in as little as six months. In an environment of increasing competition for private equity investments, and heightened growth expectations, our value proposition is exactly what portfolio company management teams, and their private equity sponsors, need.”

Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, DG Volo & Company works with private equity sponsors, and their portfolio company management teams, across North America.

About DG Volo & Company

DG Volo & Company delivers transformative growth strategies to private equity-owned portfolio companies seeking breakthrough performance. Specializing in business-to-business products and services companies, we draw on our 20 years’ experience building profitable growth strategies for businesses of all shapes and sizes – whether large public corporations, small private enterprises or in between. From commercial due diligence to strategic exit planning, we work across the investment lifecycle to help portfolio companies reach their full potential. To learn more about DG Volo & Company, please visit dgvolo.com.

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