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List of DG Volo's Services

  • Combining detailed analysis of market data with extensive field research to deliver insights into where the company makes money, why its customers make purchase decisions, and how value is migrating within and across core and adjacent markets.

  • Rigorous analysis of transaction-level customer and product sales data (what we call "de-averaged profitability" analysis) to quantify the attractiveness of various customer segments and focus the business on the highest value customers and markets.

  • A comprehensive assessment of how well the product and service portfolio delivers against identified customer needs to identify "white space" in the portfolio and inform new product development activities and investments.

  • Quantifying the performance of key sales and marketing initiatives through rigorous ROI (return-on-investment) analysis to inform future allocation of scarce financial and human resources.

  • Identifying and evaluating the broad range of exit strategies available to the company, well before an actual opportunity to divest is identified, to inform management team decisions and ensure that the company is positioned for maximum value capture.